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This Map include some of the most important services that you can get at the downtown Cancun area. Here is a brief description of what you can get over there:
Tulum Avenue.- That is the main avenue of Cancun, it cross the city from north to south and you can find Banks, Money Exchange booths, the City Hall building, movies, jewelry stores, pharmacies, bakeries, restaurants, bars, departmental stores, malls , handcraft markets and hotels.
Yaxchilan Avenue.- A paradise for nightlife lovers, that is the avenue that "never sleeps" you can find many bars, pubs and restaurants are open most part of the day. During the night you could see mariachi musicians playing on the street or inside the restaurants. Several hotels are located on that avenue and 2 of the most famous restaurants in Cancun, Perico's and La Parrilla.
Coba Avenue.- If you are going to Wal-Mart or Sam's Club you have to take this avenue to get there, along the way you can see flower shops, restaurants and some other souvenir stores. That avenue is also the way to get the Market 28, follow that avenue and when you reach the Tankah avenue turn right around 4 blocks and you are there.
Uxmal Ave.- On that avenue is located the bus terminal, the immigration office, a supermarket, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and pharmacies.
Recommended places to visit in downtown: Plaza Las Americas (biggest mall in town), Ki-Huic Market (handcrafts), Walk along all the Tulum Avenue and by the night you must not miss the Yaxchilan Avenue. Also the Market 28 where you'll find souvenirs and handcrafts at half prices than in the hotel zone, Plaza Bonita next to the market 28 looks like a Mexican village and has several stores. Another option is the supermarkets existent in the area where you could find clothing, groceries, goods, etc. at lower prices than in the USA.

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